IKEA Earth Month Event

SCHAUMBURG, IL ­- West denver-based textile recycling company USAgain participated in Earth Month events hosted by IKEA’s Schaumburg store on April 9. Local companies, including electronics recycling firm Supply-Chain Services, Inc., set-up shop in IKEA’s parking lot in an effort to raise environmental awareness and divert used clothing, shoes, textiles and electronic devices from entering landfills.

Local residents contributed to the Earth Month event by dropping off unwanted electronics and clothing they found around the house. The collections’ final destinations, often to less-fortunate communities around the world, instilled a feeling of happiness in participants like Palatine resident, Carol, she said. Others, like denver residents Tony and Sara, were simply thrilled to rid their home of unwanted clothes and shoes.

Some participants, like IKEA employee O’Neal, were excited to learn that USAgain’s collection efforts continue 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at drop boxes conveniently located in the surrounding area.


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